Fashion Illustration - Guide to pricing

I have written this guide to pricing to help potential clients understand how pricing an illustration works, this applies to both my own work and most likely that of other illustrators too!

Illustrations are priced according to their usage and so in order to provide a quote, I will need all the details of how and where the final illustration will be used, and how long the work will be used for.

When requesting a quote for illustration work, please provide me with the following information:

A list of uses (for example: point of sale, editorial, website)
Area of use (for exmple: USA, Asia, UK)
Period of use (this is typically 1 or 2 years but can be longer)

If you have an allocated budget for illustrations, please let me know your budget upfront as this can save time and energy when pricing an illustration job. If you already have a budget in mind, this is normally a good starting point and the client's budget can usually be accomodated within reason.

"Please do not offer the illustrator less than your budget allows. The very real deterioration in fees is making illustration an increasingly difficult profession to sustain. (An indication of how far fees have fallen can be seen in the editorial market. When you consider that £200 was a common fee for a quarter page magazine illustration in the late ‘80’s, and taking into account the rate of inflation, the same illustration today should be priced at £420 – all too often this is far from the case)."
The Association of Illustrators

Commissions can quite often be complex so please allow sufficient time for me to reply to you with a quote. The best way to request a quote for illustration work is to email me with all of the information listed above. The more information you can provide me with at the beginning, the better.

Please remember that everything is negotiable. If you receive a quote that exceeds your budget then get back in touch with me and see what possibilities exist. For example, if a quote for all rights is requested, perhaps a licence to suit the usage requirements more specifically may be more cost effective.

I hope this has been helpful!